Mice immunised by the oral or intraperitoneal route with a live aromatic-dependent strain of exhibited significantly less protection against oral challenge with 50 LD50 of an ovine isolate of S. (12313) than when a bovine isolate with the same O antigens and phage-type as strain 12313 was used as the challenge organism. When challenged with 10 LD50, however, protection against both strains was significantly better than that obtained when mice were vaccinated with killed vaccines (heat-killed, acetone-killed or irradiated) even when the antigenic mass of the killed vaccine was increased by up to 500-fold in an attempt to compensate for the expected limited multiplication of the mutant organism. Sheep immunised with the live mutant strain by either the intramuscular or oral route were protected against oral challenge with the virulent ovine isolate of 5. typhimurium; unimmunised sheep died of acute enteritis within 7 days, although there was no evidence of systemic invasion by the challenge organism. After challenge, immunised animals ate more food than the unimmunised controls and suffered only transient, mild diarrhoea. Serum antibody titres against O and H antigens measured by direct or antiglobulin tests were significantly higher in sheep immunised by the intramuscular route than in those immunised orally. Sheep in both immunised groups developed skin swellings within 30 min after intradermal inoculation with purified homologous lipopolysaccharide indicating development of immediate-type hypersensitivity, but only those immunised by the intramuscular route showed significant indurated skin swellings characteristic of delayed-type hypersensitivity 48 and 72 h post-inoculation. Thus it appears that protection against salmonellosis in sheep immunised by the intramuscular or the oral route may involve different mechanisms.


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