Examination of faecal specimens for the presence of spp. during a 1-year period yielded isolations from 3·5% of patients. spp., spp. and spp. were isolated from 2·5%, 2·8% and 0·34% of patients respectively. Most isolates belonged to biotype 1 (53%) and (39%). The most frequently encountered serotypable strains were serotypes O 5,27 and O 6,30. Serotype O 3, the commonly recognised pathogenic strain, was not isolated in this survey. A strong association between excretion and the age group 1–14 years was demonstrated. Although biotype-1 strains and have not previously been thought to be pathogenic, clinical significance could be attributed to the presence of spp. in almost 90% of patients aged 15 years or more, and in over 50% of patients in the younger age groups.


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