The effects of diverse factors, such as route of immunisation, composition of immunogen and administration of interferon inducer, on the expression of cellmediated immune responses against were investigated in BALB/c and Swiss white mice. Immunisation with live cells of by the intraperitoneal route (ip) generated both delayed type hypersensitivity (DTH) and protective cell-mediated immunity (CMI). However, the two responses showed diametrically opposite time kinetics. The decline and disappearance by 9 weeks after ip immunisation of DTH and the rise of protective immunity in the same period suggested the possibility that the two responses were mediated by different subsets of T cells. Immunisation by the intradermal (id) route with a sonicate of generated only DTH; id immunisation also suppressed the development of the protective response following ip immunisation with live . Both responses were not seen when T cells were eliminated with anti-T cell serum. Oral immunisation with live cells of induced excellent CMI expressing both DTH and protective responses. On the other hand, oral immunisation with the sonicate of not only did not induce CMI, but also prevented the development of the DTH and protective response to ip immunisation with live

Induction of interferon by the administration of poly I: poly C for four consecutive days after id immunisation with killed suppressed the generation of DTH.


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