The antigenic composition of an endocarditis-associated isolate of was studied by immunoblotting of whole cells and cell walls from sodium-dodecyl sulphate polyacrylamide gels on to nitrocellulose and detection with serum from patients and hyperimmune rabbit serum. A major envelope protein antigen of mol. wt 53 x 10 detected with patient's serum was also present in three urinary strains of and a laboratory strain of ss. but not in . Other common antigens of were of mol. wt (10) 65, 63, 56, 49·5, 30 and 21. Two other protein antigens (43 and 37 x 10 mol. wt) reacted strongly with asparagus pea lectin-peroxidase conjugate indicating the presence of fucosyl residues. Other lectin-peroxidase conjugates were used to demonstrate the presence of various glycosyl residues on envelope proteins. Growth of in serum to mimic in-vivo growth conditions in endocarditis infections dramatically altered the antigenic patterns. Only two major antigens of mol. wt (10) 56 and 53 reacted with sera from endocarditis patients. These antigens may, therefore, be of diagnostic or protective potential.


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