Six strains of (TML, W118, LT7, SL1027, M206 and Thax-1) of known virulence and ability to induce fluid secretion when inoculated into the rabbit ileum were examined for enterotoxin production. Enterotoxic activity, assayed in the rabbit ileal-loop test, was detected in polymyxin-B extracts from all strains (with the possible exception of Thax-1) cultured for 6 h in casamino acid-yeast extract medium. The extracts were inactive in tissue-culture assays with CHO, Y-1 adrenal and Vero cells, and in the infant mouse assay for enterotoxin. There was no correlation between enterotoxigenicity and the ability of whole organisms to induce fluid secretion The significance of these results in relation to salmonellosis is discussed.


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