The exposure of cultures of to linoleic acid selected variants that were resistant to aminoglucoside antibiotics. Variants with identical characters were isolated by exposure to an aminoglucoside antibiotic, paromomycin.

The variants grew on nutrient agar as small, intensely pigmented colonies, but tended to revert to the original colonial form. The revertants were sensitive to aminoglucoside antibiotics.

Some of the variants were stimulated to normal growth only by fructose, and others by fructose, acetate, pyruvate, oxaloacetate and aspartate. The latter variants exhibited satellitism around colonies of certain Gram-positive cocci.

Dwarf-colony variants persisted better than the parent staphylococci on normal skin. Their occurrence might be relevant to the survival of staphylococci on carriage sites, particularly in patients being treated with aminoglucoside antibiotics.


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