A survey in Japan showed that of 2036 slaughtered cattle 58(3%) had abscesses in sites other than the liver. In 21 of the affected animals the lesions were pulmonary and in 32 abdominal (excluding hepatic); in five animals the lesions were found elsewhere (muscle 2, skin 2, bone 1). Nineteen (33%) of the 58 cattle also had abscesses in the liver.

Obligate anaerobes alone were isolated from 17(29%) of the affected animals ( 14, spp. 2, 1). A mixture of obligate anaerobes and aerobes or facultative anaerobes was isolated from 31 affected cattle: of these animals 21 yielded large and five small numbers of ; three yielded fusobacteria other than ; and two yielded . The remaining 10 affected animals yielded only aerobes or facultative anaerobes. The numbers of viable obligate anaerobes in pus specimens were in the range 10–10/ml.


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