In a survey of 234 Amazonian toads and frogs, six strains of subsp. were isolated from the liver or spleen of four of 66 (61%) and from the kidney or peritoneal fluid of two of 86 (2·3%). There were no histopathological lesions in the viscera of the infected animals. Experimental infection of 29 captive and , by the intraperitoneal route, with a pooled inoculum of subsp. caused five deaths near the end of a 2-month observation period. subsp. was isolated from the liver, spleen, kidney, gonad, heart and lung of toads killed at various intervals after inoculation, and intracellular acid-fast bacilli were seen in these organs. Histological evidence of invasion of tissues by mycobacteria became apparent from the 45th day after infection. The susceptibility to infection of and suggests that these toads may serve as a fortuitous animal host for subsp. .


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