SUMMARY. The prevalence of different types of diarrhoea-producing among 240 patients with acute diarrhoea in hospital was investigated. The 25 patients (10.4% of the total) from whose faeces we isolated enteropathogenic (EPEC) were all < 5 years old but the 29 (12.1%) from whom we isolated enterotoxigenic (ETEC) were of various ages, most of them > 12 years old. No enteroinvasive (EIEC) strains were isolated. ETEC strains that produced heat-labile toxin (LT) were encountered more often than those that produced either heat-stable toxin (ST) alone or both LT and ST. The ETEC isolates were distributed among eight different serotypes, the commonest being O148:H28 (38%). Correlations between enterotoxin production, serotype pattern and possession of colonisation factor antigens I and II were observed.


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