SUMMARY. and were grown in Fastidious Anaerobe Broth with glucose concentrations from 0–1·5% (w/v). Gas chromatographic (GLC) analysis of fermentation end-products revealed that a change in glucose concentration markedly affected fermentation patterns of each microorganism. Increased glucose concentration resulted in stimulation of ethanol production by all strains, and of butanol and butyric acid by . With , there was a parallel increase in ethanol and acetic acid production and decreased formation of propanol and propionic, -butyric and -valeric acids. Increased ethanol formation by was accompanied by an increase in acetic acid and a decrease in butan-1-ol production. The greatest incremental change in GLC profiles occurred when glucose concentration was raised from zero to 0·1% (w/v). These data suggest that glucose concentration in a medium for GLC analysis must be rigorously controlled if reproducible results are to be obtained.


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