SUMMARY. TWO distinct carbohydrate antigens were isolated from the cell surface of group B streptococcus, type II. One antigen was extracted from SDS-purified cell walls by cold trichloroacetic acid and contained galactose, glucose, rhamnose, glucosamine and sialic acid in the approximate molar proportions 1·7:1·0:3·4:0·9:0·21 respectively. The serological activity of this polymer indicated that it is the group-specific antigen common to all group B streptococci. The second antigen was extracted by phenol from cell membranes and contained galactose, glucose, glucosamine, phosphorus and fatty acid in a molar ratio of 1·6:1·0:0·35:2·6:0·016 respectively. This antigen was shown to be specific for type II, group B streptococcus.


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