The virulence of 17 isolates of from 13 pig herds was compared by intranasal infection of gnotobiotic piglets and LD50 tests on mice. Of 59 piglets given 8.1-10.5 log colony-forming units (cfu) of isolates from two herds with atrophic rhinitis (AR isolates) or isolates from six unaffected herds (non-AR isolates), 16 died of acute pneumonia; the survivors developed non-progressive turbinate hypoplasia and chronic pneumonia. Infection of 11 piglets with . 3.0 log cfu of three AR isolates or three non-AR isolates caused turbinate hypoplasia, but only slight pneumonia and no deaths. There were no significant differences between the virulence of AR and non-AR isolates in piglets. In LD50 tests in mice, there were no significant differences between the results from six AR isolates and six non-AR isolates, or from toxin prepared from two AR isolates and one non-AR isolate. It was concluded that the virulence of AR and non-AR isolates was fairly uniform, and that other factors must be responsible for the occurrence of progressive lesions of atrophic rhinitis in some but not all infected herds.


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