SUMMARY. The quantitative and qualitative changes occurring in the fungal flora of 22 patients with oral and 9 with laryngeal carcinoma were studied during and after radiation therapy. Each patient received 6000 rad of externally applied radiation in divided doses for 5 weeks. The fungal flora was isolated from the patients' oral cavity and irradiated skin sites during irradiation and 2 weeks and 4–6 months afterwards. The number and types of fungi increased in both groups of patients after the start of irradiation and persisted at high levels for at least 4–6 months after treatment. and were the principal yeasts isolated throughout the period studied but seven other species were also identified. All the yeast isolates were sensitive to miconazole, ketoconazole, amphotericin B and nystatin. Any of these antifungal agents should be appropriate for therapy.


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