SUMMARY. Four non-immune sheep and two with naturally acquired antibody were inoculated subcutaneously in the lower part of the leg with 100 cysts of . Two other non-immune sheep were given a control inoculum. Efferent lymph from the popliteal nodes on the side of the injection was collected via a cannula and injected into mice. Live toxoplasms were present in the lymph of non-immune sheep from day 2 until day 15, at which time the experiment was terminated. Corresponding samples of lymph from the one immune animal tested were almost always negative.

Severe pathological changes were present in lymph nodes from non-immune sheep. Gross enlargement, loss of architecture, haemorrhages, and some necrosis occurred, and the sinuses were packed with plasma cells and plasmablasts. Changes in the nodes of immune sheep were similar but less striking, with retention of architecture, no haemorrhages and no necrosis. It was concluded that the lymphadeno-pathy in sheep is similar to that in rabbits, mice and man with toxoplasmosis.


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