IN previous studies was shown to be resistant to the mucociliary clearance mechanism of the rabbit trachea (Matsuyama, 1977). Scanning electron microscopy readily demonstrated organisms associated with clusters of the cilia of the epithelial cells. A similar association has been described in chick organ cultures (Iida and Ajiki, 1974, 1975) and hamster organ cultures (Collier, Peterson and Baseman, 1977; Muse, Collier and Baseman, 1977). is not a natural pathogen of the rabbit, chick or hamster; on the other hand, is a natural respiratory-tract pathogen of the rabbit and the dog (Wilson and Miles, 1975). Bemis, Greisen and Appel (1977) demonstrated experimentally the strong affinity of for the canine respiratory tract; they also mentioned similarities between the respiratory infections produced by and

In the present study, scanning electron microscopy has been used to observe infections of the rabbit tracheal mucosa with , and with ---an organism that has no special predilection for the respiratory tract.


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