represents 2% or less of the mycoplasma flora of the lower urogenital tract of man (Black and Rasmussen, 1968; Mårdh, Nilsson and Bjelle, 1973). It has been isolated on one occasion from an inflamed uterine tube (Freundt, 1953), but the possible significance of this species as an aetiological agent in gynaecological inflammatory disease requires further study. The very frequent association of with rheumatoid arthritis reported by Williams, Brostoff and Roitt (1970) remains largely unconfirmed, although the organism has been isolated from the synovial fluid of patients with rheumatoid and non-rheumatoid arthritis (Mårdh , 1973). The toxic effect of membrane fractions, when inoculated intraperitoneally in high concentrations into mice (Gabridge and Murphy, 1971; Gabridge, Yip and Hedges, 1975), provides another impetus for studying the potential pathogencity of this organism.

In an earlier study, female grivet monkeys proved suitable as an experimental model for infection with (Møller , 1978; Møller and Freundt, 1979). The present paper describes the experimental production of salpingitis and parametritis by in grivet monkeys, by the same techniques.


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