BACTERIAL overgrowth occurs in the upper small intestine of malnourished children (Mata , 1972; Gracey , 1973; Heyworth and Brown, 1975) and species of are found more frequently in the gastric and small-intestinal contents of such children (Gracey , 1974). The possible importance of species as a cause of diarrhoea in malnourished children has been suggested by El-Gholmi, Aboul-Dahab and El-Essawi (1961); this is supported by our findings that there is decreased absorption of sugar (Burke, Houghton and Gracey, 1977) and water (Thelen, Burke and Gracey, 1978) in rat intestine perfused with cell-free broth cultures of species isolated from the upper intestinal contents of malnourished children.

We have now studied the effects on intestinal transport and activity of brush-border enzymes in rats experimentally infected with to clarify the relationship between diarrhoea and intestinal candidiasis.


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