Cell-free culture filtrates and crude enterotoxin preparations from six strains of caused the accumulation of fluid in rabbit ileal loops. This activity was due to a non-dialysable, heat and acid-labile antigenic protein and was lost when culture filtrates and crude enterotoxin preparations were heated at 60°C for 20 min. or 56°C for 30 min. respectively. Maximum activity was observed at H 8.0-10.0; there was a gradual loss at lower H and activity was abolished in culture filtrates held at H 3.0 and crude enterotoxin preparations held at H 4.0. Titration of the crude enterotoxin preparations in rabbit ileal loops showed that the ED50 (equivalent to 1 unit of toxin) was contained in 25 μg of protein; a logarithmic plot of the neutralisation coefficients against antiserum concentrations showed that one unit of antitoxin was contained in 42 X 10 ml of the antiserum.


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