The presence of capsular polysaccharides (K antigens) and their relation to phagocytosis and sensitivity to the lytic action of serum of 26 strains of isolated from stools of healthy volunteers and from blood cultures were studied. Four of 12 strains isolated from stool cultures and 12 (86%) of the 14 strains isolated from blood cultures possessed K antigen. Three of the 12 strains isolated from stool cultures and seven of the 14 isolated from blood cultures were resistant to uptake by polymorphonuclear leucocytes; these resistant strains contained large amounts of K antigen. By contrast 10 strains, three with low amounts of K antigen and seven without detectable amounts of K antigen, were readily phagocytosed. Thus it appears that K antigen renders resistant to phagocytosis.

Only four (15%) of the 26 strains were sensitive to serum lysis and there was no correlation between the presence of K antigen and the resistance to serumlysis.


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