A method was developed to study virulence of coagulase-negative staphy-lococci. Our results showed that coagulase-negative staphylococci injected into adult mice by the intracerebral route did not give rise to lethal infections, whereas mice aged 2 days were much more susceptible.

Novobiocin-resistant strains of were more virulent than strains of Strains of biotype 3 of Baird-Parker's classification varied in virulence according to novobiocin sensitivity. In the classification of Kloos and Schleifer, biotype 3 can be subdivided into four distinct staphylococcal species, namely and and were equally virulent for mice aged 2 days, but novobiocin-sensitive was less virulent. On epidemiological grounds, however, it would seem that has some undefined advantage in invading the urinary tract.


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