The value of RVA, N-l, 7H10, 7H11 and Sauton's media for studies on mycobacterio-phage infection and lysis of mycobacteria was assessed. Experiments were made with mycobacteriophages BGI, BKI, CRI-3, G37, and LG, all of which lyse strain 607B, and with mycobacteriophage DS6A which lyses strain H37Rv. The methods involved “direct lysis”, the measurement of “routine test dilutions” and counts of plaque-forming units. It was found that N-l, 7H10 and 7H11 media gave better overall results than RVA medium for strain 607B and its phages, and that RVA medium was generally the most useful for strain H37Rv and its phage. Sauton's medium was inadequate for all the phage-host systems employed.


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