Twenty-two samples of serum obtained from patients suffering from infectious or serum hepatitis, 12 samples from blood donors known to have caused hepatitis in recipients and one sample of serum that had caused hepatitis in human volunteers were examined for their capacity to induce interfering substances, and thus, indirectly, for the presence of infectious virus.

No virus-inhibitory activity was detected with any of the sera examined.

It is a pleasure to acknowledge the help of Dr H. E. M. Kay and the members of the Tissue Bank at the Royal Marsden Hospital. Dr N. B. Finter kindly supplied the standard preparation of human interferon prepared by Dr R. A. Bucknall, and Dr F. 0. MacCallum kindly provided serum 034. We are indebted to the National Blood Transfusion Service, to physicians and pathologists at St Bartholomew's Hospital, Western Hospital, London, S.W.6, West Middlesex Hospital, University College Hospital, Tooting Bec Hospital, and the RAF Medical Service for the supply of serum samples from their patients.

We are grateful to the Medical Research Council for a most generous grant.


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