The aim of this study was to define risk factors associated with mortality in bactaeremia and to combine them in a clinical index predicting the risk of death. The study investigated 125 consecutive episodes of bacteraemia at this hospital. Crude mortality was 34%, corresponding to 43 patients who died, with 67% of deaths, directly attributable to bacteraemia. A regression logistic model identified five variables that were independently and significantly associated with an increased risk of death: 1) hospitalisation in the intensive care unit; 2) coagulopathy; 3) septic shock; 4) age ≥65 years; and 5) the clinical condition of the patient. These variables were as recorded at the time that the first positive blood culture was obtained. The sensitivity and specificity of a prediction of death based on the model were 84% and 85%, respectively. An index score, calculated from these variables, divided patients into three groups with increasing likelihood of mortality resulting from bacteraemia.


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