The outer surface protein C gene () of Lyme disease spirochaetes () was analysed for the first time in Taiwan. The genetic identities of these Taiwan isolates (TWKM1–7) were determined by restriction fragment length polymorphism (RFLP) analysis and sequence similarities of the PCR-amplified gene amplicons. After cleavage by nuclease I, differential fragment patterns of PCR-amplified DNA in relation to different genospecies of Lyme disease spirochaetes were observed and all of these Taiwan isolates were genetically affiliated to the genospecies of . The phylogenetic analysis on the sequence similarity of these Taiwan isolates revealed a highly homogeneous genotype, ranging from 99.3% to 100%, within the genospecies of and was distinguished from other genospecies of isolates. The sequence similarity analysis also revealed the high sequence variability of the gene among strains that belong to the same genospecies but were isolated from different biological and geographical sources. Thus, these results provide the first investigation on the genetic identity of the gene of these Taiwan isolates and show that these Taiwan isolates were closely related genetically to the genospecies of .


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