Studies regarding the functions of the bovine papillomavirus (BPV) E7 oncoprotein are lacking and no E7-mediated mechanism underlying mesenchymal carcinogenesis is known. Here, we show that the interaction between the 600 kDa retinoblastoma protein-associated factor (p600) and BPV E7, described in cultured cells, takes place in naturally occurring equine sarcoids. In these cancers we detect the expression of E7 and p600, and demonstrate that E7 and p600 co-localize and physically interact. Furthermore, intracellular signals involved in p600 functional activity are found not to be overexpressed, suggesting a different functional activity of p600 in naturally occurring carcinogenesis. Our results demonstrate, for the first time, that E7–p600 interaction occurs during the natural history of BPV-induced equine tumours, suggesting an important role for E7 in carcinogenesis. Finally, the system provides a suitable animal model of papillomavirus-associated cancer to test therapeutic vaccination against E7.


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