Here we report on a segment in the genomic 3′ non-translated region (3′NTR) of bovine viral diarrhea virus (BVDV) that is accessible for the insertion of foreign sequence elements such as the 5′NTR of hepatitis C virus. Recombinant viruses exhibited replication kinetics similar to those of the parental strain, and characterization of RNA species after several passages revealed that foreign inserts had the same genetic stability as the BVDV 3′NTR. The generation of such BVDV recombinants is relevant for several applications.


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Construction of BVDV 3′NTR recombinant clones [ PDF] (79 KB)


Mutations found in the BVDV NCP7HCV5′ 3′NTR after seven transfection/reinfection passages [ PDF] (75 KB)


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