In tobacco and , limited cross-protection against cucumber mosaic virus strain Fny (Fny-CMV) was provided by prior inoculation with a deletion mutant lacking the 2b silencing-suppressor protein gene (Fny-CMVΔ2b). Cross-protection by Fny-CMVΔ2b did not result from induction of systemic RNA silencing. We investigated whether protection occurs through induction of localized RNA silencing by using plants harbouring mutations in genes encoding the dicer-like (DCL) endoribonucleases 2, 3 and 4 involved in antiviral silencing. In wild-type (Col-0) plants, Fny-CMVΔ2b was symptomless and cross-protected against Fny-CMV infection. Cross-protection by Fny-CMVΔ2b against Fny-CMV infection was not abolished in , or mutant plants and was strongest in double mutants, although in these plants and in mutants, Fny-CMVΔ2b replicated to high levels and induced strong symptoms. The results suggest that Fny-CMVΔ2b/Fny-CMV cross-protection is not completely dependent on RNA silencing and also involves competition between these viruses.


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vol. , part 9, pp. 2288–2292

Symptoms in cross-protection experiments using Fny-CMV and Fny-CMVΔ2b in mutant and triple mutant .

Typical Fny-CMV- and Fny-CMVΔ2b-induced symptoms in wild-type and double mutant .

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