The defective nature of adeno-associated satellite virus (ASV) has been investigated in several laboratories. Heat- or u.v.-inactivated adenovirus does not support ASV growth (Hoggan, Blacklow & Rowe, 1966; Blacklow, Hoggan & Rowe, 1967). An incomplete growth cycle of human adenovirus 7 is known to take place in primary green monkey kidney (GMK) cells, where the virus DNA and some virus specific RNA are produced as well as the T antigen (Rapp, Feldman & Mandel, 1966; Baum, Weiss & Reich, 1968). Since ASV does not multiply in this system (Blacklow 1967), it has been considered to date that ASV growth takes place only in cells co-infected with a competent helper adenovirus. We found that a temperature-sensitive mutant ( 13) of human adenovirus 31 (Ad 31), recently isolated in our laboratory, helps ASV replication at its non-permissive temperature, 39.5°, as efficiently as the wild strain.


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