The incorporation of [H]uridine into the four species of RNA specified by Sendai virus in monolayers of chick embryo fibroblasts was inhibited to an equal degree by addition of purified chick interferon to cultures before infection with virus. The inhibition of RNA synthesis was dose-dependent. Similarly, [H]uridine incorporation into RNA of virus nucleocapsid and polyribosomes was completely inhibited by pretreatment with interferon. When interferon was added 2 hr after infection, there were only small effects on the synthesis of total virus-specific RNA and significantly greater reduction was observed in [H]uridine incorporation into the RNA of nucleocapsid and polyribosomes. Although Sendai infection does not interfere with host-cell protein or RNA synthesis, interferon added 6 hr or later after infection did not affect any Sendai replicative functions.


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