Little is known about the structure of the nucleocapsid of the RNA oncogenic viruses. Although the nucleocapsid can be observed within virus particles or after isolation from them in negatively stained preparations, subunit arrangement has not been resolved in this group of viruses. While the disruption of the virus envelope of myxoviruses results in a release of the helical nucleocapsid which contains the RNA (Fraenkel-Conrat, 1968), similar disruption of RNA oncogenic viruses by tween + ether or deoxycholate seems to be incomplete, for the method apparently yields intact nucleocapsids (Thé & O'Connor, 1966; Sarkar & Moore, 1968; Calafat & Hageman, 1969).

This communication describes a method for the disruption of AMV with Brij 58 and deoxycholate which yields nucleoids of loosely coiled structure. An approach to the isolation of the nucleocapsid components of AMV was suggested by the method of Godson & Sinsheimer (1967) for lysis of cells.


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