Antisera prepared in guinea-pigs against a purified internal virion antigen of a hamster-specific C-type virus reacted with an ether-stable antigen derived from several hamster-specific viruses and an indigenous hamster virus. Reactions of identity were obtained in immunodiffusion tests between all virus preparations while no reactions were obtained with uninfected cells and murine C-type virus preparations. Guinea-pig antiserum to the murine C-type virus gs antigen did not react with any of the hamster virus preparations. This pattern of specificity was maintained in complement-fixation tests.

Based on these data and the envelope antigen identity of the hamster-specific sarcoma viruses established in the accompanying paper, these viruses, originally recovered from hamster tumours induced by murine sarcoma viruses, are considered to be pseudotype sarcoma viruses possessing the antigens of the indigenous hamster C-type virus and the sarcoma gene(s) of the original tumour inducing murine viruses. Our current preferred nomenclature for the hamster-specific viruses is based on these considerations.


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