Transcription of the human polyomavirus JC virus (JCV) genome is regulated by cellular proteins and the large tumour (T) antigen. Earlier studies led to the identification of nuclear factor-1 (NF-1)-binding sites in the JCV enhancer by DNase I protection assays of extracts from retinoic acid (RA)-differentiated P19 embryonal carcinoma (EC) cells. In this study, a cDNA clone that encodes a protein capable of binding to the JCV NF-1 sites was isolated from an RA-differentiated EC cell cDNA library. Sequence analysis revealed that the cDNA isolated was identical to the previously described Bcl-2-interacting protein BAG-1 (Bcl-2-associated athano gene-1). Results from RNA studies indicated that BAG-1 is expressed in several cell types. Co-transfection of a recombinant BAG-1 expression plasmid with JCV promoters indicated that BAG-1 stimulates transcription of the JCV promoter and to a lesser extent the JCV promoter. Mutations in the NF-1 sites in the JCV promoter eliminated the activation by BAG-1. Thus, BAG-1 is a novel transcription factor that may play a role in JCV expression.


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