A typical apoptosis of BTI-Tn-5B1-4 (Hi5) cells induced by Heliothis armigera single capsid nucleopolyhedrovirus (HaSNPV) infection was completely suppressed by coinfection with Trichoplusia ni multicapsid nucleopolyhedrovirus polyhedron-negative recombinant (TnMNPV-SVI- G) (OCC-) at a low multiplicity of infection (6.5 x 10(-2)). To determine whether TnMNPV p35 alone was sufficient to inhibit the apoptosis, two recombinant plasmids containing the early promoter of p35, or the very late promoter of TnMNPV polh were constructed to study p35 function by transient expression assay. It was shown that expression of p35 alone could partially prevent HaSNPV-induced apoptosis but did not facilitate HaSNPV replication in Hi5 cells. The data suggests that both P35 of TnMNPV and other unknown gene products are required for the suppression of apoptosis and facilitation of HaSNPV replication in Hi5 cells.


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