We have previously examined 29 cervical cell isolates for human papillomavirus type 16 (HPV-16) sequence variations in the E6, L2 and L1 coding regions, and the long control region (LCR). Twenty-five of these isolates as well as 23 additional isolates are characterized here as we present the complete E5 coding segment and the E2 hinge region. Eight amino acid variations were observed in the E5 coding segment, 13 were identified in the E2 hinge region and 5 were observed in the overlapping E4 coding segment. These amino acid variations may be relevant to differences in biological functions and may result in altered humoral or cell-mediated immune responses to HPV-16 variants. The characterization of sequence variation within high-risk HPV types might be important in the search for epidemiological correlates of cervical cancer risk. This work complements and extends HPV-16 genome sequence information from specific isolates previously reported by our group.


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