Bean yellow dwarf virus (BeYDV) and maize streak virus (MSV) belong to the geminivirus genus Mastrevirus and have host ranges confined to dicotyledonous and monocotyledonous species, respectively. To investigate viral determinants of host range specificity, chimeras were constructed by exchanging their coding and non-coding regions. BeYDV chimeras containing MSV ORF V1, ORF V2 or small intergenic region sequences, either individually or in various sequential combinations, replicated and produced virus particles in Nicotiana tabacum protoplasts. BeYDV chimeras containing MSV ORFs C1 and C2 and/or the large intergenic region were unable to replicate. None of the chimeras was able to systemically infect either N. benthamiana or maize. Complementation experiments using BeYDV chimeras containing MSV ORF V1 and/or ORF V2 suggest that expression of MSV movement protein and/or coat protein prevents BeYDV movement. The results demonstrate that factors involved in both viral DNA replication and virus movement are exclusively adapted to either monocotyledonous or dicotyledonous host backgrounds.


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