Attempts to isolate phages active on strains of from sewage (Coetzee, de Klerk & Sacks, 1960) and by u.v. light-induction of these strains were unsuccessful (Coetzee & de Klerk, 1962). In renewed attempts to derive phages from , 80 strains were treated with mitomycin C. Early log phase cultures of the strains in MRS broth (de Man, Rogosa & Sharpe, 1960) were exposed to mitomycin C (1 µg./ml.) for 20 min. at 37°. The cells were harvested and suspended in equal volumes of fresh warm broth and incubated for 6 hr. After centrifugation, culture supernatant fluids were sterilized with chloroform and dilutions spotted on lawns of all the 80 strains and also 98 and 50 strains, as previously described (de Klerk & Coetzee, 1961). No plaques were ever seen, but 16 of the 80 supernatant fluids produced zones of growth inhibition on some of the indicators.


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