A previous report (Breese, 1969) dealt with the direct reaction between type A1 foot-and-mouth disease virus (FMDV) and antibody tagged with ferritin. In the same study, ferritin-tagged anti-O2 globulin and normal guinea-pig globulin gave no reaction. This report describes the indirect test with ferritin in which infected cells are treated first with an antibody globulin and then with an antibody to globulin which has been tagged with ferritin. In the case of types A1 and O2 FMDV, globulins were used which were antibody to the whole virus, while in the A-119 experiments, specific antibodies to separate antigens (Cowan & Graves, 1966) were used. The indirect test allows the study of several antigen + antibody reactions while requiring only a single ferritin conjugation.

Tissue cultures of primary swine kidney cells were infected as previously reported (Breese, 1969; Breese & Graves, 1967).


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