The human adenoviruses were previously found to be effective inducers of interferon in chick cells both and (Béládi & Pusztai, 1967; Pusztai 1969). The titres of interferon obtained in chick fibroblast cells are similar to those of interferon induced by Semliki Forest and Sindbis viruses under the same conditions. An avian adenovirus (GAL) also induced interferon in chick embryo fibroblast cells (Bakay, 1969). Human adenoviruses are still infective after treatment with trypsin but are not able to stimulate interferon synthesis (Béládi & Pusztai, 1967). These results prompted us to study the effect of trypsin on the ability of other adenoviruses to induce interferon in chick cells. The present paper describes experiments in which canine hepatitis virus, bovine adenovirus type 2, simian adenovirus types 15 and 17, and GAL virus were compared with the human adenovirus type 12 as inducers of interferon in chick cells.


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