The particles tentatively identified as rubella virus by Chatterji, Beswick & Chapman (1969) were cells of mycoplasma.

When the paper on the morphology of rubella virus by Chatterji (1969) was written, there was no general agreement as to the structure of this virus. The available published accounts indicated a somewhat pleomorphic particle between 500 and 1000 Å in diameter. The particles which these authors tentatively identified as rubella virus fulfilled these criteria, although only a minority showed the ring-like structure with a central nucleoid now known to be characteristic (Murphy, Halonen & Harrison, 1968; Bonissol & Sisman, 1968; Oshiro, Schmidt & Lenette, 1969; Vaheri 1969; von Bonsdorff & Vaheri, 1969).

Chatterji (1969) considered that the particles they observed might have been cells of a mycoplasma but they rejected this because they failed to cultivate any organism from the tissue cultures used (RK 13; Beale, Chrostofinis & Furminger, 1963) and there was apparently a complete absence of particles from the many control cultures examined.


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