The complete nucleotide sequence of the cherry green ring mottle virus (CGRMV) genome was determined to be 8372 nt excluding a 3' poly(A) tail. Based on computer analysis and sequence comparison, five open reading frames (ORFs) were identified on the virion strand encoding: a putative RNA-dependent RNA polymerase, a triple gene block and a coat protein. Two other ORFs with Mr values over 10,000 and internal to the helicase and coat protein genes, but of unknown function, were also identified. Sequence and genome structure comparisons with other filamentous viruses indicated that CGRMV is most similar to apple stem pitting virus, some carlaviruses and potexviruses. However, it is different from members of any of these virus groups in regard to sequence homology and genome organization. A chimeric fusion coat protein was expressed in E. coli and antibodies specific for the CGRMV coat protein were raised in rabbits. The antibody was used in Western blot analyses to detect the CGRMV coat protein in infected cherry tissue.


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