The amino acid sequence of the genome-linked viral protein (VPg) of pea enation mosaic enamovirus (PEMV) has been determined. The VPg is encoded by nt 1811-1894 within ORF1 of RNA1 downstream of the proteinase motif. Direct N terminus sequencing of intact and endoproteinase Asp-N-digested VPg combined with electrospray mass spectroscopy confirmed that the VPg is composed of 28 amino acids with a molecular mass of 3138 Da. The context of the N and C terminus residues as well as the position and size of the VPg suggest that the mature VPg may be generated via post-translational proteolytic processing of the polyprotein arrangement of membrane anchor-proteinase-VPg-polymerase encoded by ORFs 1 and 2. Computer comparisons did not reveal any significant similarity between the VPg of PEMV and any other sequences including those of the VPgs of related subgroup II luteoviruses.


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