The complete genomes of three new Type 1 strains of JC virus (JCV) from urine have been analysed. These were subtype 1A, subtype 1B and Type 4 as assigned from a short typing fragment in the VP1 gene. They differ from Mad1 (subtype 1A) by less than 1.0% of the DNA sequence. Based on its complete genome, the JCV Type 4 strain falls into a Type 1 subgroup. Type 4, with several Type 3-like sites in the short typing fragment, is a possible recombinant strain. The consensus of Type 1 DNA sequences is distinguished within the coding region from both Type 2 (strain GS/B) and five Type 3 (African and African American) strains at 64 sites. Most mutations are silent, but at 21 positions amino acid changes occur. Our findings define the subtypes of JCV Type 1 and support the validity of genotyping within the short VP1 fragment.


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