The nucleotide sequences of the nucleocapsid protein (NP) gene, the intergenic regions in the nucleocapsid protein (NP)-phosphoprotein (P), P-matrix protein (M) and M-fusion glycoprotein gene junctions and the trailer region of a virulent Newcastle disease virus (NDV) strain Beaudette C were determined. The NP gene is 1747 nt long and encodes a protein of 489 amino acids. Each of the intergenic sequences determined is 1 nt long and, including the previously published intergenic sequences, the gene junction sequences varied in length from 1-47 nt and lacked any sequence identity. The 5' trailer region is 113 nt in length. Comparison of the sequences of the terminal leader and trailer regions of Beaudette C strain with those of nonvirulent strain B1 showed a high level of conservation, indicating the likelihood of these elements not being a factor in virulence. Together with previously published data, this report completes the sequence of the 15,186 nt genomic RNA of NDV strain Beaudette C.


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