A monofungal culture of Spongospora subterranea was unable to acquire and transmit the T isolate of potato mop-top pomovirus (PMTV-T), which has been maintained by manual transmission in the laboratory for 30 years. A recently obtained field isolate (PMTV-S) was efficiently acquired and transmitted by the same fungus culture. Sequence analysis of the readthrough (RT) protein-coding region of PMTV-S showed the presence of an additional 543 nt in the 3' half of the coding region relative to that of PMTV-T. These additional nucleotides preserved the reading frame of the RT protein and inserted 181 amino acids into the RT protein. This was confirmed by a comparison by immunoblotting of the sizes of the RT protein of PMTV-T and other recent isolates of PMTV.


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