Highly purified (>98%) CD34+ cells directly after isolation (D0) or 2 weeks in culture (D14) were CD4+ and contained mRNA for the T-tropic HIV co-receptor, CXCR-4, and minor co-receptor, CCR-2B. D14 but not D0 cells were RT-PCR positive for mRNA for the major M-tropic human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) co-receptor, CCR-5, and potential co-receptor, CCR-1. D14 and D0 cells were susceptible to T- (HXB2) and M-tropic HIV (Bal), showing greater virus production with Bal than HXB2, and with higher virus production levels in D14 compared to D0 cells. Seven days post-infection of D0 cells Bal DNA was present in CD14bright and CD14- fractions, suggesting D0 infection of diverse progenitor types. HXB2 DNA was detected in CD14bright cells alone indicating D0 infection of monocyte progenitors only. It is concluded that CD34+ cells and cultured derivatives are susceptible to M- and T-tropic HIV and this correlates in part with co-receptor expression at the mRNA level.


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