The recent isolation of GB viruses A and B from GB agent infected tamarins and their lack of involvement in human hepatitis has sparked interest in the origin of these viruses. Several healthy non-human primate species have been shown to harbour sequences 52-79% identical to the GBV-A 5' nontranslated region. In this paper we report the near genome length sequence of GBV-Amx 70047 and GBV-Atri 1122. These sequences support previous observations about the genomic organization of GBV-A and provide insight into the genomic variability within this virus genus. Although the GBV-A variant polyproteins possess many motifs conserved between other members of the Flaviviridae, they do not encode a basic core-like protein. Amino acid sequence comparisons and phylogenetic analysis demonstrate variability within the GBV-A genus similar to that observed between hepatitis C virus (HCV) types. However, genomic organization and disease association demonstrate a closer evolutionary relationship to GBV-C than to HCV.


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