The complete nucleotide sequence of the cDNA genome for garlic virus X (GVX), one of the major viruses infecting garlic plants, was determined. GVX is a single-stranded positive-sense RNA virus consisting of 8106 nucleotides excluding the 3'-end poly(A) tail and contains six open reading frames (ORFs) which encode putative proteins of 174 kDa (ORF1), 26 kDa (ORF2), 12 kDa (ORF3), 32 kDa (ORF4), 26 kDa (ORF5) and 15 kDa (ORF6). The putative viral proteins show similarity to those of carlaviruses and potexviruses but show the highest homology to shallot virus X (ShVX). Even though the GVX genome contains most of the structural elements common to carlaviruses and potexviruses, it is distinguished from them by the presence of an ORF4 which encodes an unusual protein. These results suggest that GVX may belong to an unassigned group of ShVX and GarV-type viruses rather than to the carlaviruses or potexviruses.


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