The complete sequence of a Tennessee isolate of maize chlorotic dwarf virus (MCDV-TN) was determined from cDNA clones and by direct sequencing of the viral RNA. The genome is 11813 nucleotides (nt) in length and contains one large open reading frame between nt 435 and 10763 that encodes a polyprotein of 3443 amino acids. The N-terminal amino acid sequences were determined for the three capsid proteins. All three were adjacent, starting at nt 2526 and putatively ending at nt 3761. Comparison of the sequence of MCDV-TN with other viral sequences revealed similarities to several plant picorna-like viruses including members of the Sequiviridae, Comoviridae and Potyviridae. This work also provides evidence based on genome organization that MCDV-TN is a member of the genus Waikavirus within the family Sequiviridae.


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