The nucleotide sequences of the tenth (M6), eleventh (S1) and twelfth (S2) dsRNA genomic segments of the Florio strain (N-7180) of Colorado tick fever virus were determined and found to be 675, 998 and 1884 bp, respectively, in length. A nonanucleotide motif and a hexanucleotide motif were found to be highly conserved in the 5' and 3' non-coding regions (NCRs), respectively, of the three segments. The first and last three nucleotides of each segment were of inverted complementarity, and segment-specific inverted terminal repeats were detected in the NCRs of the three segments. These findings suggest the occurrence of intracellular panhandle structures for the RNA transcripts. A readthrough phenomenon is suspected in segment M6. The environment surrounding the opal codon (position 1052-1054) of segment M6 conforms to that of leaky opal codons described in the literature.


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