The nucleotide sequence of the Toscana (TOS) virus M RNA segment contains a single major open reading frame in the viral-complementary sequence, which can encode a polyprotein of 1339 amino acids. To map the TOS M segment product(s), different regions of the putative M polypeptide were expressed as glutathione S-transferase fusion proteins, which were purified and inoculated into mice to produce hyperimmune sera. By Western blot analysis, a protein of approximately 30 kDa and two glycoproteins, G1 and G2, with the same molecular mass (approximately 65 kDa) were identified in TOS virus-infected cells. The 30 kDa protein, which reacted with antibodies raised to the NH2-terminal, was found to be a non-structural protein (designated NSm). By immunoprecipitation analysis of TOS virus-infected cell lysates, both treated or untreated with tunicamycin, the relative positions of glycoproteins G1 and G2 were determined. The gene order, with respect to the genomic M RNA, was found to be 3' NSm-G1 -G2 5'


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